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Full text of "Fifty-Second Annual Report to the Trustees of Shaw University"

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Annual Report 


Trustees of Shaw University 


Corresponding Secretary of the 

American Baptist Home 

Mission Society 



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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 


Raleigh, N. C., May 31, 1917 
I submit herewith my twenty-third Annual Report, 
which is the fifty-second since the establishment of the 
institution. The year ended today has been the most 
strenuous that I have known. The high cost of living 
and other unusual conditions incident to the war period 
have presented new and difficult problems. The mem- 
bers of the faculty and the student body have worked 
together cordially and the year will go down into his- 
tory as one of the pleasantest and most profitable. 
While the average age of the student body is consider- 
ably less than it was years ago, thereby adding some- 
what to the problems of discipline and administration, 
a high scholarship has been maintained and the grade 
of work of the institution has been raised. 

RELIGIOUS ACTIVITIES.— During the winter 
special evangelistic services were held several times a 
day for a week under the direction of Rev. Leroy But- 
ler, evangelist of the Southern Baptist Convention. 
Rev. Dr. Bruner, superintendent of evangelistic work 
of the Southern Baptist Convention, was very willing 
to assign Mr. Butler to Shaw University without com- 
pensation. This attitude on the part of the Southern 
Baptist Convention was greatly appreciated, as is also 
the kindly feeling of the white Baptist State Conven- 
tion toward the work and religious activities of Shaw 
University. Voluntary bible study classes have been 
carried on as in the past. The Young Men's Christian 
Association under the direction of Prof. W. C. Graver 

has rendered good service. While the temperance 
work has not suffered, it has not been stressed as usual 
on account of the temporary absence of Miss Elsie M. 
Bryant, who will be with us next year. The Sunday- 
school teacher training has received constant attention 
under the direction of Prof. Craver and student as- 
sistants. Diplomas were awarded as usual on Com- 
mencement Day to all who had completed the course in 
teacher training study. This is a very important 
feature of the work at Shaw University and means 
much toward the development of consecrated, Chris- 
tian laymen who will make themselves felt in their re- 
spective churches and communities in the years to 

Community service has also been emphasized. It 
was more necessary this year on account of the severe 
winter. A teacher training Sunday-school, made up of 
children from the city who would not otherwise attend 
any Sunday-school, has been successfully carried on by 
members of the Faculty, assisted by students. 

HEALTH. — The health conditions have been kept up 
to the usual standards and there has been very little 
sickness. The best of water is furnished by the city 
and in abundant quantities for all purposes. All of 
our large buildings are connected with the city sewer- 
age system. 

COURSES OF STUDY— The four years' B.S. course 
in medicine has done good work, and, as the depart- 
ment becomes more widely known, the attendance will 

I renew my recommendation made several times for 


the establishment of a school of Dentistry. Such a 
school can be carried on without much additional ex- 
pense for the reason that some of the subjects taken in 
the course of Dentistry are offered in Medicine and 

The practice school had an enrollment of seventy- 
five. Many were refused admission for lack of room 
and teachers. The closing exercises just preceding the 
regular Commencement were very creditable. I regret 
to inform you that Miss Anna E. Foster, the teacher in 
charge for the last two years, has resigned to take up 
missionery work in China next autumn. 

Progress has been made in changing the medical 
dormitory into a home for the Theological department, 
but the work is not completed. Active steps should be 
taken at once to secure additional funds so that the 
original plans can be carried out. 

FINANCES. — I have already said that the year has 
been the most strenuous that I have known. Notwith- 
standing the high cost of living all bills to date have 
been paid and $1500.00 paid on the indebtedness re- 
ducing the total indebtedness of Shaw University to 
$1000.00. We received from the contributors to the 
Shaw University Semi-centennial Christmas and New 
Year's Club $1300.62. About 65 per cent, of this sum 
was contributed by the graduates and other colored 
friends of Shaw University. These contributions 
varied from $50.00 to 50 cents. The balance was re- 
ceived from white friends whose contributions ranged 
from $125.00 to $1.00. 

Too much credit cannot be given to the Executive 

Board and the State Convention for the funds ex- 
pended in preparing a new home for the Theological 
department. Dr. A. M. Moore has been especially ac- 
tive and the work has been done under the supervision 
of Dean Charles R. Frazer by Prof. G. A. Edwards, 
superintendent of the Men's Industrial department and 
student assistants. 

The physical conditions are just barely normal. 
Some of the buildings need painting and new floors 
should be laid in most of the older buildings. 

The changes contemplated in the hospital building 
have not yet been made for lack of funds. The old 
Pharmacy building has been remodelled on the first 
floor and three rooms provided for the teacher training 
school with the necessary toilet facilities. 

HIGHER SALARIES. — I renew my recommenda- 
tion made several times for an increase in salaries. I 
am happy to inform you that Rev. Gilbert N. Brink, D. 
D., Superintendent of Education of the American Bap- 
tist Home Mission Society, has sent me a tentative plan 
for readjustment of salaries and asking my recommen- 
dations for each individual position at Shaw Univer- 
sity. While our Society is hard pressed for funds, es- 
pecially during these war times, we are hoping that 
something can be done to relieve the awkward situation 
in which teachers find themselves on account of the 
high cost of living. Were it not for their devotion to 
the cause and their fondness for the institution several 
would have gone elsewhere. 

AND GRADUATION.— These requirements, put into 

commission a few years ago, have proved satisfactory. 
We have never sent out so many well equipped grad- 
uates as this year. Notwithstanding the abolishing of 
the Law course and the four years' course in Medicine, 
the attendance has increased until the enrollment in all 
departments for the year ended today is 403. 

I renew my recommendations for the completion of 
the gymnasium and the Y.M.C. A. building. This is one 
of the great needs of Shaw University. As soon as the 
Theological building is completed, steps should be 
taken to provide better facilities for looking after the 
spiritual and physical interests of our students. 

I renew my recommendation for the permanent es- 
tablishment of a summer school. I understand the 
financial difficulties that this enterprise means, but it 
would be very profitable to the denomination and the 
State if such a school could be established. Raleigh is 
exceptionally well located for such a school and the 
people of the State are always very fond of visiting the 
city. Such a school, established on our campus, would 
prove to be in a few years one of the great summer at- 
tractions of the city. I am happy to announce that the 
next session of the North Carolina Teachers' Associa- 
tion will be held at Shaw about the middle of June. 

COMMENCEMENT.— At the annual Commence- 
ment held on May 10th there were graduated forty- 
three students as follows : With the degree of B. S. in 
Medicine one; with the degree of B. S. three; with the 
degree of A. B. three; with the degree of B. Th. one; 
with the degree of Ph. G. two; with diploma in Educa- 
tion, three; with diploma from the Academy thirty- 



The usual exercises were held during Commence- 
ment week and the concensus of opinion seemed to be 
that the Commencement of 1917 was the best in the 
history of the institution. 

I append herewith my financial report, a copy of 
which has already been forwarded to Mr. F. T. Moul- 
ton, Treasurer. 

Annual Financial Report of Shaw University to the 
American Baptist Home Mission Society 

Foe the Year Commencing June 1, 1916, and End- 
ing May 31, 1917 


From tuition, board and room rent $16,559 81 

Old accounts 81 00 

Books etc., sold to students 777 56 

Products made in Industrial Dept 72 60 

American Baptist Home Mission So- 
ciety 14,535 10 

Woman's Home Mission Society, Chi- 
cago 1,050 00 

Slater Fund 2,000 00 

Negroes, Churches, etc 354 82 

Whites, Churches, etc 251 65 

Diplomas and certificates 195 50 

Students' Deposits 1,859 29 

All other sources 5,238 23 

Total receipts $42,975 56 


Boarding Department : 

Food supplies S 6,439 00 

Other supplies 320 47 

Wages— Cook, etc 315 66 

Student labor 965 75 

Laundry, supplies and expenses 38 48 

Light 805 43 

Department of Instruction : 

Salaries . : 13,943 30 

Fees 379 40 

Books and supplies 1,435 45 

Library 10 50 

Miscellaneous 617 74 

Administration : 

Salaries, President, Secretary, etc. . . . 1,969 70 

Postage and stationery 467 72 

Traveling 604 18 

Miscellaneous 2,851 97 

Maintenance of buildings and grounds : 

Heat 1,782 88 

Wages, Engineer, Janitor, etc.. ...... 1,035 98 

Student labor 441 76 

Repairs and renewals 1,232 13 

Miscellaneous 52 50 

Buildings and additions thereto : 

Equipment 523 71 

Note, Citizens National Bank 1,460 40 

Scholarship 35 00 

Wages 330 63 

Miscellaneous 2,502 37 

Water 271 62 

Athletic Association 324 00 

Theological Dept 12 03 

Prizes 7 50 

Students' withdrawals 1,859 29 

Total expenditures $43,036 55 

Balance in treasury beginning 

of year $ 341 01 

Receipts during year 42,975 56 

Total $43,316 57 

Disbursements during year . . . $43,036 55 
Balance in treasury end of 

year 280 02 

Total $43,316 57 

From students for tuition and board. ...... $ 154 50 

L. S. Mathews Co 40 00 


Note Citizens National Bank, Raleigh $ 1,000 00 

Respectfully submitted, 

Charles Francis Meserve,